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Save The Avenues

The German avenues have a lot to offer. They are home to our thoughts but also home to many plants and animals. They are a link between the cultivated land and the countryside, connect villages and cultural monuments and are a unique habitat of many rare plants and animals in the often cleared landscape. But they are threatened. Often they end up as a victim of the zeitgeist, are broken down, have to be adapted to guidelines or are over-aged. A lot is at stake and there is a lot worth fighting for. “Deutsche Alleenstraße e.V.” (German Avenue Route) has set itself the goal of preserving and protecting it.

Soon after the German reunification, our conservationists have made the effort to establish a green belt of trees through Germany. A strip of trees connecting East with West gives an example of how important and worthwhile the protection of these avenues is.
With the support of the local people, the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Alleenstraße e.V.” has secured an avenue route through Germany which links East with West and North with South.  
For as long as one can remember people have come together for a passion for nature. In other areas a community as such has only developed much later.
The “Deutsche Alleenstraße” - symbol of German unity and a mutual contribution of people in the old and new federal states in regards to the protection of nature.
But where do we stand today? Avenues are still destroyed. Many avenues have to be rehabilitated and further developed. Infrastructure must be planned so that even old avenues still have a place. New avenues must be planted! There is a lot to do for the friends of the Avenue in Germany. Side by side, The “Deutsche Alleenstraße e.V.” and the residents are striving for the protection of one of Germany’s nature’s treasure, which is in danger of disappearance in many places.

Help and get involved for keeping your avenue safe.